Kris Hogan
Class A LPGA Instructor
Palo Alto Hills Golf & Country Club
Palo Alto, Ca
Palo Alto Hills GCC

About Kris

Kris is a Class A member of the LPGA and has been an instructor at Palo Alto Hills Golf & Country Club since September 2005.  In addition to more than seven years as an LPGA Member and ten years as an instructor, she also brings more than twenty years of competitive tournament experience to the lesson tee, including college golf at the University of Southern California and the University of Arizona, and three years on the Futures, Ladies European, and Players West Tours. She has won three professional tour events, played in the 2001 Women’s U.S. Open, was the Arizona Junior State Champion, a Rolex Junior All-American, and college golf scholarship recipient. Her best competitive round is 68.  In 2007 she was selected as the Assistant Coach of the NCAA Women's All-Star Team on a month-long journey through Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong and Indonesia.  

Kris is a Certified Golf Fitness Instructor, certified by the Titleist Performance Institute, which means that she can help you identify any mobility or stability issues that are preventing you from making the most efficient swing possible.  With this knowledge she can help you build a swing that is perfect for your own body.  To complement your golf lessons, Kris recommends seeing a TPI certified fitness trainer to build a stronger, more flexible golf physique.  

Kris is also a TPI Certified Junior Golf Coach, which means she has been trained to help juniors learn age and gender appropriate sports skills.  For more information on Long Term Athletic Development (LATD) programs, please visit  Kris draws from this reasearch when teaching your junior how to play golf.

Kris has a B.A. in English with a minor in Art History from The University of Arizona and lives in Redwood City with her husband Daire, daughter Emma, son Aidan, and cocker spaniel Palmer. When she isn't on the golf course Kris enjoys yoga, pilates, design, hiking, reading, experimental cooking and visiting museums. 

Kris currently serves as a member of the LPGA Global Education
Team, assisting the organization by evaluating  and guiding members as they move toward their Class A status.  


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